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How to choose wine and spirit bottles for your wine packaging?

How to choose wine and spirit bottles for your wine packaging?
spirits bottles /wine bottles Dec 09, 2023

Choosing the right wine bottles and spirit bottles is a critical factor for the wine packaging industry. Bottles indicate the brand, superiority of wine or spirits, and the upsell of the wine. Bottles are not the visual aspect of a winery; they impact upon the visual appeal to reproduce the signature of the product. While choosing the wine bottles, you have to consider the bottle-supplying companies for their unique product supply spontaneously for as long as the winery requires. This comprehensive guide indicates how you can choose the wine and spirit bottles for your packaging needs.

In the meantime, the readers should learn some vital aspects of wine and spirit manufacturing companies.

Types of wines and bottle selections:

·        Malbec

·        Zinfandel

·        Muscat

·        Sangiovese

·        Chenin Blanc

·        Red Wine

·        Gewürztraminer

·        Dessert wine

·        Viognier

·        Champagne

·        Cabernet Franc

·        Grenache

These are the common types of wines that you usually get in the market. When you purchase wines from any counter, you must have noticed the color of bottles, shape, and types of them as per their variation of wine types. You also know that the marketing matters. Therefore, you have to consider the type of bottles for each category. Premium wines must be marketed with premium bottles with the brand inscription to set a milestone in the minds of the customers. So, you have to consider choosing the wine bottle manufacturing cum supplying companies that can meet your demand for a successful wine marketing strategy.

A few types of wine bottles are discussed here:

Malbec wine bottles:

Malbec wines are known for their deepest color, premium flavor its characteristics. Hence, choosing bottles for them needs great consideration. The choice of bottles for Malbec wines should bring the aging potential of the wine. If aging is required after bottling, you must protect it from light and warmth as well as the UV of the sunlight. Above all, you have to consider the overall aesthetic appeal for the customers’ attraction.

These bottles must be considered in terms of color, shape, and size. The color must be dark or deep brown, and the shape should be Bordeaux-style (straight sides and high shoulders). Then, you can keep it for the aging process as well. Besides, the size may vary from 750 ml to 1.5 liters. The bottle might be of a celebratory size as well.

·        The closure type of malbec bottles

The choice of closures matters most. According to its premium features, aging, and manufacturing superiority, every Malbec brand chooses a special feature for its enclosure part. Screw caps and traditional cork with capsules are widely acceptable to show it as a premium wine. However, screw caps are highly preferable for these wines, especially for wines meant for earlier consumption. They offer ease of use and prevent the risk of cork taint.

At the same time, you have to consider the label design for the bottle depending on the shape and size. This displays the brand image of a wine company. Therefore, the winery must consider choosing the best companies for the best wine bottle selection to show the brand to everybody.

·        Breakability during transportation

During the choice of bottles, the quality of the glass is a great consideration. So, wine bottles must be durable against long-distance shipping and transportation in the package.

·        Environmental considerations

The entire world has been highly conscious of nature and environmental factors. If you want eco-friendly options for your Malbec wine bottles, you have to consider glass that easily mixes with nature but maintains high-quality standards.

·        Regulatory Compliance

Every wine manufacturing and packaging company has to consider the exact shape and size, along with some government protocols. So, your wine bottle manufacturing or supplying agency also has to maintain the same. Inform your bottle-supplying company of all that you have to follow during wine bottle packaging.

Therefore, while selecting the bottles for Malbec wines, you have to give importance to dark color for maturing, UV protection for UV exposure damage, size and shapes of bottles, nature-friendliness, and local government compliance.

White wine bottle selection

White wines are premium wines fermented without skin contact with anyone. The color of these wines is not completely watery or transparent spirit-like color. They are usually yellow, yellow-gold, yellow-green, and so on. These wines are usually produced through an alcoholic fermentation process from non-colored grapes. However, the skin of the grapes may have any color. The origin of these wines is known, has existed for at least 4000 years, and will probably continue for a long period.

While choosing bottles for clear or light-colored bottles. These types of bottles

Clear or light-colored bottles work well for white wines, allowing consumers to appreciate the wine's clarity and color. Apart from the color of the wine bottle, the wine packaging company should consider the taller and longer body of bottles. These wines do not require oxygen for preservation, as compared to red wines.

Sparkling Wine Bottles

These wine bottles are designed with the consideration of withstanding the pressure of wines. You have to keep in mind that sparkling wines have secondary perforation under the pressure of carbonation. Hence, the bottles must bear the extra pressure of carbon dioxide gas.

A punt is the right sort of bottle that can safely be used for sparkling wines that require secondary fermentation that produces carbon dioxide.

Rose wine bottles

You may have noticed red and white wines but rose wines play a fundamental role in providing the supremacy of a wine room of a wine collector. These wines form a rosy, pink, or salmon hue. These wines are lighter than red wines. So, wine lovers like these wines very much. The taste and flavors are not as pungent as it is in the red wines. They are highly prestigious and fruit-forwarded wines.

·        Choose lightly tinted bottles

Rose wines should be packed in white, pink, or deeper salmon hues. Clear or lightly hued bottles are best for these wines. The color of the bottle should indicate the premium content it contains.

On the other hand, burgundy-type bottles serve the best for these wines. 750ml is the perfect size for these wines. However, 1.5-liter or celebration-size bottles are available for this purpose.

Spirit Bottles:

Clear or colored spirits are good in transparent bottles. Consider vodka or gin! They are usually packed in transparent bottles with the considerations of the size of 180ml, 375ml, 750, or celebration size bottles. You have to ask your size variations from your wine bottle suppliers.

In conclusion, you have to keep in mind that you have to choose the right bottles for the right wines for marketing that highlights your brand and makes them popular among the consumers. So, you can choose World Wine Bottles & Packing Solutions to get customized or business-required readymade wine and spirit bottles worldwide. Contact them now to learn more.