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World Wine Bottles & Packaging Solutions is proud to partner with Techno Décor for our bottle decorations.

Techno Décoris a leading glass bottle decorating joint venture cooperation between China and French Innov-Décor. They design and produce all kinds of glassware decoration ranging from cup to wine, spirits, beer and cosmetic containers.

World Wine Bottles & Packaging Solutions is committed to promote environmental sustainability, reduce pollution of natural resources and decrease water waste from the decoration on our bottles.

World Wine Bottles & Packaging Solutions’s art teams are knowledgeable, professional and ready to serve you from initial inquiry to final delivery.

We know exactly how to make your products stand out on the shelves. If you don’t have your production-ready artwork, we will create it for you at a reasonable cost.

Satisfying customers is always our business purpose. We are glad to help you down to the smallest details and you can expect us to go the extra mile.

Quality, Reliability and Super Service.


Points of Sale:

Super Thin Line–0.1mm

Micro Character–5pt

Application: Top Bottle

Packaging Technology: From France


Points of Sale:

Environmentally Friendly

Application: High quality packaging

Technology: From Japan


Points of Sale:

Original Art

Application: High quality packaging

Technology: Hand Crafted



All we need to get started is your label files, the size of the project, and the size of the bottle. From there, our team will put together a project packet including a quote and an art proof for your review. If everything looks right, simply sign the document and we’re in business!


Purchase your bottles from one of the many great glass suppliers or choose one of our stock molds. If you need help sourcing your bottles, just let us know. Once purchased, have the glass shipped to our door and we’ll handle the rest.


Upon receiving your glass, we will print your bottles according to the specifications on your signed art proof. Press checks are available at pre-scheduled times and can be arranged by contacting our office.


Once your glass has been decorated the bottles are packaged according to your requirements and shipped to their destination. Pickup from our warehouse is always welcome as well.